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Guild Rules
⒈ Hate Speech: This is a zero tolerance policy, and does NOT depend on your personal definition of hate speech. Any racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or otherwise ignorant and derogatory messages will result in punishment.

⒉ Baiting: Excessive arguing with, disrespecting, insulting, or ban baiting with the mods, other staff, and members publicly or privately will result in a ban.

⒊ Scamming: Any attempts at scam or put our members at risk will result in a ban. This will always be an instant ban. This also includes, but is not limited to; inviting members to Discord servers that promote "free" items, selling trading items for real money, using third party sources to trade, phishing links and ddos/doxxing threats.

⒋ Respect: If you cannot show basic respect to all members of the server, you will be muted until you can. Going out of your way to harass a member in private messages is not allowed. Do not instigate. Do not go looking for fights. Do not assume you are being targeted.

⒌ Clutter: We ask that you please use the most appropriate channel to send your messages in, such as our trading channels and looking for group channel. This also includes spamming and sending random emotes with no input to the ongoing conversation for any reason, including “XP farming.”

⒍ Maturity: We ask that you show basic maturity when speaking in the server. Do not try to annoy members of the server. Do not abuse mentions.Do not act all Dramatic and drag personal issues into public chat, No one cares and no one will give the pity you wish for(edited)
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⒎ Begging: Do not beg or ask people for free in-game items or support through financial websites (Paypal, Venmo etc.) Do not beg for discord roles or staff positions.

⒏ Nsfw Content: Do not distribute any gore or sexually explicit content in any channels, including text and imagery other than in designated NSFW channels. This also includes explicit profile pictures and names.

⒐ Discord Username: Please ensure that your discord name/nickname is appropriate and easy for the staff to mention. Either your discord username or server nickname
must have mentionable characters.

⒑ English in Chats: Please keep chat in English. This is so that people can understand each other and mods can do their jobs efficiently.

⒒ Controversy: You are allowed to discuss controversial topics, but, we ask that you refrain from arguing about them. Most of these topics can be discussed in the politics channel.

12. Underage: Any members of our server under the age of 13 will be banned until they are 13. This is a rule required to be enforced by the ToS. Witch hunting and pressuring a member to reveal their age is considered harassment and will be punished accordingly.

13. To join is to be active as possible and to respond and such if you are going to afk go to the designated afk areas or turn on yer afk msg.

14.Orders are not infallible law that you must blindly obey and carry out , You must carefully consider them before you act, Always aim for greatest benefit to the IronBlood. But being such I do expect them carried out when given An officer shall never make you do something that will compromise yer account or well being and anything they would not do themselves

"Please keep in mind that the rules could change at any point. Not knowing a new rule will not save you from punishment!